Kodi with central database

Kodi offers the possibility to use an external database instead of a local database for the audio, tvshows and movies libraries. What advantages does this bring? Just imagine the scenario that you operate several televisions in the house with e.g. LibreELEC / OpenELEC. If each of these devices uses its own database, the maintenance of the same ones becomes increasingly complex. What care?!? … the maintenance of the tvshows and movie names....

November 20, 2022 · 3 min · Samuel Kron

Channel logos in Kodi with Tvheadend

To get the channel logos displayed in Kodi, set them up under Tvheadend. This tutorial describes the necessary steps. Used versions LibreELEC - Version 10.0.3 / KODI - Version 19.4 Matrix Tvheadend - Version 4.2.8 on extern Server with Gentoo Preperation First you get the necessary channel logos, also called picons. Download this free of charge from Github at the following address There are various designs and sizes to choose from here....

November 6, 2022 · 2 min · Samuel Kron