Channel logos in Kodi with Tvheadend


To get the channel logos displayed in Kodi, set them up under Tvheadend. This tutorial describes the necessary steps.

Used versions

  • LibreELEC - Version 10.0.3 / KODI - Version 19.4 Matrix
  • Tvheadend - Version 4.2.8 on extern Server with Gentoo


First you get the necessary channel logos, also called picons. Download this free of charge from Github at the following address There are various designs and sizes to choose from here. You need the SNP and the SRP variant.

I have decided on the following:


The Picons packages need to be unpacked and stored accessible for Tvheadend. I placed these in ‘/home/tvheadend’. The location ultimately doesn’t matter as long as the user running Tvheadend has access rights to it.

In the selected location, create the folders “logos/snp” and “logos/srp”.

server /home/tvheadend # ls -l
insgesamt 62980
drwxr-xr-x 1 tvheadend video       12 23. Okt 17:51 logos

server /home/tvheadend # ls -l logos
insgesamt 0
drwxr-xr-x 1 tvheadend video 229620 23. Okt 18:08 snp
drwxr-xr-x 1 tvheadend video 841044 23. Okt 18:08 srp

I adjust the permissions of the folders accordingly. In my case:

chown -R tvheadend:video /home/tvheadend/logos

Now it’s time to set up the picons in Tvheadend itself. In the web interface of Tvheadend you go to:

Configuration > General > Base

There you will find the picon settings at the bottom. These are to be set as shown in the screenshot:

Tvheadend Picon settings

The paths are to be adapted accordingly to your own. The ‘%C’ placeholder in the channel logo path is important. Then save the settings.

Now switch to the channel overview in the web interface:

Configuration > Channel / EPG > Channels

Tvheadend Logos reset

Now the channel logos should appear in KODI without further action. It may be necessary to restart KODI.


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