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Owntracks With Mosquitto MQTT and Home Assistant

This tutorial describes all the necessary steps for you to use the OwnTracks app with Mosquitto MQTT Broker and [Home Assistant](https:// www.home-assistant.io) as a device tracker. Since I have not made my Home Assistant accessible via the Internet, I use the Mosquitto MQTT Broker . If you have a direct connection to Home Assistant, you can also use the OwnTracks component to use. Requirements Installed Home Assistant Server Installed Mosquitto MQTT Broker -> Tutorial Installed OwnTracks App on your smartphone The commands used in the tutorial are partly Gentoo Linux specific....

November 20, 2022 · 4 min · Samuel Kron

Setup Mosquitto MQTT broker on gentoo

Mosquitto is an open source MQTT broker. The broker can then be used, to use Owntracks with Home Assistant. This tutorial describes how to set up a Mosquitto server on Gentoo. Installation At the time of writing this tutorial, Mosquitto version 2.0.15 was available in Portage. We install Mosquitto: emerge -a app-misc/mosquitto Create Mosquitto user To connect to the Mosquitto Broker you have to create a user and create a password file....

November 20, 2022 · 3 min · Samuel Kron